PC Mag: Front Row Now Quite on Par with Windows Media Center

Apple Computeris Front Row is close, but itis not quite on par with Microsoftis older and more established Windows Media Center Edition, according to a review by PC Magazine. The review paints a mostly flattering picture of Front Row, but said that Apple has its work cut out if it wishes to truly compete with Microsoft in this space.

On the good side, the review complimented Front Rowis interface, the ergonomics of the included infrared remote, and Appleis basic approach to managing oneis media.

On the negative side, the review criticized the image quality of downloaded movie trailers available through Appleis Web site, stutters when using the remote, the inability to download movies, videos, or TV shows through Front Row itself, and the lack of a TV tuner in the iMac G5, the only computer that officially supports (or includes) Front Row.

PC Magazine also offered some suggestions on making Front Row better, and generally complimented the iMac G5 itself. It also makes plain that Front Row is being judged as a first generation product, with improvements likely to come.