PC Magazine: 30" Cinema Display Nice, But Falls Short of Goals

PC Magazine has reviewed Appleis 30" Cinema Display, giving it 3 out of 5 stars in a balanced look at the unit. While praising the design, looks, and attention-to-detail of the display, the magazine says that testing revealed what it calls problems. More specifically, PC Magazine says that the unit fails to deliver the kind of performance needed by Appleis target market, creative professionals.

Viewed from a distance, the Apple Cinema HD 30-inch display is a jaw-dropper. The expansive, high-resolution LCD monitor has a sleek case that grabs your attention, even with the power off. The direct price of $3,299 is also likely to take your breath away. Apple touts it as a professional display, and while it has a number of impressive attributes, it falls short of its intended goals.

There is more information in the full review, including both positive and negative points about the display.