PC Magazine: DVD Studio Pro 3 a Strong Value

PC Magazine has reviewed Appleis DVD Studio Pro 3 in its latest edition, praising itis overall value, but saying it still needs work and improvement

"No other DVD authoring program in the $500 price class is capable of creating such stunning, highly creative DVDs," the reviewer wrote. "For video pros looking to take their productions to the next level, itis worth a serious look."

The review gave high marks to the products professional templates, dissolves, fades, menus and content over competitors such as Uleadis DVD Workshop and Adobeis Encore.

However, the article does offer some criticism as well. "As impressive as DVD Studiois results are, Apple still needs to smooth the development process. For starters, it should integrate AC-3 encoding into the rendering process; currently, you do this as a separate step in a different program. It could also streamline preview functions."

The review also criticized the products error-checking, which it called "limited". "DVD Studio Pro doesnit even check if disc space is sufficient before starting to render. In addition, the application is much slower than its competitors," the review stated.

The author concluded, "DVD Studio Pro will reward you with slick-looking DVD projects that others in its class canit match."