PC Magazine Heaps Praise On iMac, Names It Editor’s Choice

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That bastion of Wintelness known as PC Magazine has reviewed Appleis iMac G4, and heaped praise upon it in the process. The magazine gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and named it the Editoris Choice award in the "Innovative PCs: Desktop Computer" category. The category included the Gateway Profile 4 XL, Gateway 700XL, and Voodoo F-550 Imola Orange 2200+. As of this writing, there is no news from Gateway on whether or not they will be including this in their iMac-bashing commercials. From the review:

The iMac isnit just about hip style -- itis a bold reminder of Appleis ability to design simple-to-set-up computers and bundle essential and appealing applications. Whether you find the design aesthetically pleasing or not, the iMac, with its 15-inch flat-panel display (a 17-inch display is also available) perched atop a stem, akin to a funky flower pot, makes a lasting impression -- and our Editorsi Choice in this category.

Inside, the iMac is graced with the 800-MHz PowerPC G4 CPU with 256MB of RAM. It comes equipped with a SuperDrive DVD-R/CD-RW drive and a GeForce2 MX subsystem (the 17-inch-display model upgrades to GeForce4 MX). And of course, setup is Apple-easy. Though documentation is lax, you donit miss it with the iMac.

The review also includes praise for Appleis iApps, and mild criticism for Apple not having included Bluetooth speakers and a wireless keyboard in keeping with the iMacis slick minimalist styling. Read the full review for more information.

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