PC Magazine Heaps Praise On iMac, Names It Editor's Choice

That bastion of Wintelness known as PC Magazine has reviewed Appleis iMac G4, and heaped praise upon it in the process. The magazine gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and named it the Editoris Choice award in the "Innovative PCs: Desktop Computer" category. The category included the Gateway Profile 4 XL, Gateway 700XL, and Voodoo F-550 Imola Orange 2200+. As of this writing, there is no news from Gateway on whether or not they will be including this in their iMac-bashing commercials. From the review:

The iMac isnit just about hip style -- itis a bold reminder of Appleis ability to design simple-to-set-up computers and bundle essential and appealing applications. Whether you find the design aesthetically pleasing or not, the iMac, with its 15-inch flat-panel display (a 17-inch display is also available) perched atop a stem, akin to a funky flower pot, makes a lasting impression -- and our Editorsi Choice in this category.

Inside, the iMac is graced with the 800-MHz PowerPC G4 CPU with 256MB of RAM. It comes equipped with a SuperDrive DVD-R/CD-RW drive and a GeForce2 MX subsystem (the 17-inch-display model upgrades to GeForce4 MX). And of course, setup is Apple-easy. Though documentation is lax, you donit miss it with the iMac.

The review also includes praise for Appleis iApps, and mild criticism for Apple not having included Bluetooth speakers and a wireless keyboard in keeping with the iMacis slick minimalist styling. Read the full review for more information.