PC Magazine: MacBook is Georgeous and Luscious

PC Magazine reviewed the current MacBook recently, poured heaping praise on Appleis consumer notebook and called it an affordable and gorgeous companion.

The review recapped the effect of moving to Intel. "Ever since Apple switched to Intel CPUs, the Mac versus PC debate has transformed the Apple MacBook into a crowd favorite, a status that its predecessor, the iBook, never really achieved. This is especially true among teens and novice users. To them, the MacBook is the epitome of whatis cool in the computing world, and few have any quibbles about its gorgeous design," Tony Hoffman wrote in his reviews of several "Luscious Laptops".

Apple MacBook

The key features of the MacBook noted were: light weight, the glossy screen, "beautiful for watching our favorite videos," built-in 802.11n support, and the "X factor," which Mr. Hoffman described as a suite that the PC world cannot measure up to.

The scurity of the Mac was also highlighted. "Novice users donit have to burden themselves with installing virus and spyware protection programs, because the Mac operating system is virtually impenetrable," the reviewer observed. Regarding the upgrade from the previous MacBook, the new processor is the Intel Core 2 Duo (Intel T7200) and a larger, 80 GB, hard disk is offered.

There were only two complaints PC Magazine had. The first was the base configuration of the MacBook still has a non-upgradable DVD/CD-RW drive. Mr. Hoffman believed that a DVD burner should be standard across the board. [TMO notes that sometimes Apple makes these decisions based requests from schools.] The second is the standard RAM configuration of 1GB and Appleis price to upgrade. The upgrade to 2GB is virtually mandatory if one wants to run virtualization software. [TMO also notes that 3rd party memory upgrades are very afforable and help Apple advertise a low base price.]

Other than those quibbles, the author concluded that the MacBook is "an affordable and gorgeous companion for a wide range of users."