PCs Help Find Anthrax Cure, Macs Not Invited

Scientists have teamed with Intel and Microsoft to create a SETI@home-like Anthrax research project (see our Team Mac Observer SETI@home page for more information), according to a Reuters News article. The software, which uses normally idle Web connected PCs to crunch data, only works on PCs running a Microsoft OS, thus eliminating Macs, and all UNIX and Linux workstations. This from the article:

A group of scientists and major technology corporations asked people around the world on Tuesday to use their personal computers to help develop a treatment for anthrax.

Members of the Anthrax Research Project, including chip maker Intel Corp. INTC.O, software giant Microsoft Corp. MSFT.O , computing services provider United Devices Inc., the National Foundation for Cancer Research and Oxford University, announced the effort in a press release.

Read more about the project at the Reuters News site.