PUBLICSPACE.NET Ships A Better Finder Launcher 1.0

PUBLICSPACE.NET has released a new app for Mac users, A Better Finder Launcher 1.0. A Better Finder Launcher is a plug-in for the Mac finder designed for application launching. The app features hot-key launching and realtime table view display. According to PUBLICSPACE.NET:

PUBLICSPACE.NET is pleased to announce that the fifth member of its popular A Better Finder tool series, A Better Finder Launcher, is now available.

Simply press the Control-Command-L keyboard combination and start typing the name of the application. After only the first few letters A Better Finder Launcher will have narrowed down the matching application names to a single one; then simply hit the return key to launch the application. How much easier or quicker could it be?

Basic features:

  • access A Better Finder Launcher by pressing its hot key from any program (Control-Command-L).
  • select any application by typing only a few letters from its name
  • the table view displays all matching applications while you type
  • quicklaunch the application by hitting the "Return" key or clicking on the "Launch" button

You can find more information about the A Better Finder Launcher release at the PUBLICSPACE.NET Web site. A Better Finder Launcher is available for US$9.95.