Package Tracking Google Style

I send and receive packages through UPS and FedEx all the time, and I spend a lot of time tracking those packages, too. Instead of using the shipping Web sites to find out where my packages are, I rely on Google - my personal administrative assistant. All I need is the tracking number, and I let Google do the rest.

Hereis how:

  • Enter the UPS or FedEx tracking number into your Web browseris Google search field.
  • Google will return a link to track the package. Go ahead and click it.

  • Use Google to track your packages.
  • Google will redirect you to the appropriate tracking site with your package already listed.

Your package automatically displays on the tracking page.

I prefer tracking packages this way since I donit have to first go to the FedEx or UPS Web site. Everything I need is available right from my browser Google search field.

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