PagerSender 4.0.3 Gets Important Bug Fixes

SmileOnMyMac released PageSender 4.0.3 on Monday. The update has improved support for sending faxes.

PageSender 4.0.3 has these fixes:

  • Print on Receive prints all pages. (4.0.2 was printing only the first)
  • Print on Send or Receive respects printer preference.
  • Hangup on Spam no longer disables receive.
  • Supports date and time formats from International system preferences.

PageSender Address Book Lookup

PageSender is SimileOnMyMacsis fax and e-mail program. It can be automated with AppleScript, includes the ability to design custom cover pages, and works with a wide range of address books. It also works with eFax, jConnect, EasyLink, or MaxEmail services.

PageSender 4.0.3 is a Universal Binary and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Direct faxing requires a FAX modem. A fully functional demo is available. It is priced at US$39.95.