Quotes Apple Exec On Competing With Piracy

PaidContent, a site for digital media and technology executives, has quoted Appleis Peter Lowe regarding P2P, subscriptions, the iTunes Music Store, album sales, and more. Lowe is quoted as saying that the way to go after illegal file sharing is to compete with it, and that Apple believes that subscription services are taking the wrong path. From PaidContent:

The way to go after illegal file sharing services is to compete with them...go after their weaknesses. The reason why people used these services is instant gratification: for most of the people who use file sharing, it is more about flexibility and not about free...we aim to take advantages of weaknesses of illegal sharing services: unreliable encoding; bad connection; no previews; wrong music; no album cover art; and at the end of the day, it is stealing. Which is bad karma!

We fundamentally believe subscriptions are the wrong path...thatis not what consumers are doing offline...they want to buy downloads.

You can read the full article at PaidContentis Web site.