Paint Like Picasso With Picassohead

We feel your pain: you who have suffered under the delusion that you harbor artistic talents on par with some of the greats, when the reality is that few people seem to see the inner beauty of your matchstick figures youive set to paper and labeled iMe and Mommyi. People fail to find the intensity that went into each line; they look past the emotion that crayons can invoke. You sit alone feeling under-appreciated and wonder why Pablo Picasso got away with making weird looking line people, while you canit.

While no one may adequately explain why such cruelties exist in the world, you may now be able to do something about it, short of taking art classes. You can now compose a virtual canvas in full Picasso-esque style by merely dragging and dropping. For the frustrated artist and those of you with a few minutes to kill, we proudly offer in this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time, Mr. Picassohead.

iPod Env
by Vern

With Mr.Picassohead, you pick from a palette of Picasso-parts; head, eyes, nose, mouth, etc., dragging the pieces onto a virtual canvas and arranging them to suit your vision. Change color, add other bits and, voila; you have created a masterpiece. Save it to the gallery and show off your works to friends.

Now, the true emotions you were attempting to convey have found a voice, you can now express yourself with stick figures that look like those of that famous artist, and people will finally get you.

Thank you Mr. Picassohead. (Sniff!)

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