Palm Introduces Palm OS 5 Device, Plus Wireless Palm/Phone/E-mail Device

Palm has introduced its first device running on the Palm OS 5 operating system, the Tungsten T. The Tungsten T is designed to be a compact device (the Graffiti input area is accessed from under a sliding panel), and is built around Texas Instrumentsi OMAP1510 processor. Key features include built-in Bluetooth support for connecting to Bluetooth enabled PCs, as well as accessing the Internet through Bluetooth enabled phones, a 320 x 320 color LCD screen, the ability to record sound through a microphone (aimed at taking voice notes), two forms of memory card expansion, and a week-long better life. From Palm:

The Palm Tungsten T handheld is the most compact Palm branded handheld on the market today and is built for what matters most to handheld users. The Palm Tungsten T handheldis design and software integration deliver smooth, one-handed data management, while new processing power and a new operating system supercharge applications -- making them faster and more efficient. A high-resolution 320x320 color display delivers a great viewing experience, and integrated Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities enable users to communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as printers, PCs or other handhelds.

You can find more information on the Tungsten T at Palmis Web site (or read the full press release). The device retails for US$499, and is available now.

Palm has also released a new device called Tungsten W, for wireless. The Tungsten W is a wireless phone, e-mail, and communications device, but it is based on the previous generation Palm processor, Motorolais DragonBallZ. The W is also based on Palm OS 4.1, instead of the newer Palm OS 5.

The W includes a built-on keyboard, can be used a PCS phone when used with a headset, and has built-in e-mail and messaging capabilities. Service for the device is tied to a specific carrier, and the W will work with several networks. The display is a 320 x 320 65,000 color display. Bluetooth supports is available via an expansion card. From Palm:

With carrier activation, the Palm Tungsten W handheld is a data-centric handheld providing a sophisticated combination of wireless e-mail, SMS messaging, phone functionality, business applications, and Palmis classic Personal Information Management (PIM) software (1). The Palm Tungsten W handheld is built with one of the fastest radios available today for the GSM/GPRS network, the most widely supported wireless technology used by hundreds of operators worldwide.

You can find more information on the Tungsten W at Palmis Web site (or read the full press release). The device retails for US$549, and is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2003.