Palm To Announce New Devices

Many Apple fans consider the Palm handheld computers to be a pale substitute for Appleis Newton; Palm devices are small, easy to use, and have a plethora of apps, but it could not match the Newtonis famous handwriting recognition abilities, and is only now beginning to sport some of the processing power the Newton had at the time of its demise. Many Mac users pine for the return of the Newton, hoping for a new device that combines the latest technologies found in the current crop of handhelds yet adheres to Appleis design mantra; simple, easy, stylish, and useable in the real world.

While we may never see another handheld computer wearing an Apple logo anytime soon, Palm continues to improve its offering wth new hardware and software, though some analysts say it may be too little, too late.

The handheld maker is set two announce two new brands--Zire and Tungsten--according to sources familiar with the plans. Zire is aimed for the mass market, while Tungsten will be Palmis brand for high-end professionals and gadget fans.

The Milpitas, Calif.-based company plans to offer the new brands as part of its fall lineup, which includes an entry-level Zire model that will sell for $100 and the first Palm OS 5 device, which will carry the Tungsten brand.

The Zire is expected to debut Oct. 7. The OS 5 device and another high-end model that includes wireless data and cell phone capabilities will debut Oct. 28.

Check out the C/Net article then watch TMO for further updates on the new devices.