Parallels Posts Desktop 3 Update

Parallels has posted a minor update to their Desktop 3 virtualization software, build 4560. The update features faster and smoother Boot Camp partition use, smoother full screen transitions and more.

The new build has a number of features and improvements, according to Ben Rudolph, Director of Corporate Communications at Parallels.

  • Better customizability of SmartSelect for easier app/file integration
  • Faster & smoother Boot Camp partition use
  • Much smoother fullscreen transitions. No more flickering or lagging redraws.
  • The return of the Parallels Image Tool!
  • A beefed up Parallels Explorer that makes sharing files and working with non NTFS drives easier. Sharp new graphics too.
  • More powerful Snapshot manager that gives you greater control over how snapshots are created and deleted.

The update can be installed by version 3.0 customers in the auto-update, or a stand alone updater can be downloaded.

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