Particle Debris, WWDC and Sporks!

Have you ever wondered what computers are good for? Jackie Mason knows. In his hilarious video blog, he tells us: Maybe they aren't so useful after all. No one over, ahem, 50-ish, knows how to use a computer. If they bought one, it was just because they're ashamed to say they don't have one. The problem is that they're hard to use and the information inside them isn't so easy to get to. "Do you know anyone who reads 300 newspapers a day?" he asks contrasting computers and RSS feeds (even if he knew about them) to the simpler life.

And we're accosted by strangers. If someone came over to you in a restaurant and said, "Hi, I'm gonna join you for dinner," would you be happy to hear about it?, Mr Mason asked. It gets better and better as Mr. Mason dissects, folds, spindles and mutilates modern computer life. Maybe life was better when we read one newspaper daily, then fell asleep. Not.

I have about 210 RSS feeds I subscribe to, so I guess I'm guilty. (Hooray for Vienna.)

Last night, I was watching TV, and there was an ad for The ad had all the usual stuff, but then they got to the intriguing part: MP3 players! Now that's exciting, right? When the ad showed one of the MP3 players, I snapped a photo with my camera. (No JPEG screen shots yet available on my HDTV. Sigh. Maybe some day.) Here's the photo.


Phooey. I was hoping for an iPod no one wanted and was turned over to Lots of those around, right?

I got a nice note from Microsoft today.

"This morning Microsoft and Holland America Line introduced new digital media workshops taking place on all Holland America Line cruises. The Holland America Line Digital Workshop powered by Microsoft Windows will enable cruise guests to document their vacation memories while at sea.

With the help of Microsoft ÒTechspertsÓ (technology experts) and through a variety of class offerings, guests will learn how to share all their digital memories through email, blogging and social networking Ð so friends and family can see where theyÕve been cruising even before they return home. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to do basic photo and video editing and basic photo card and scrapbook design."

Interesting. That's usually the kind of thing that Apple does. Let's see ... who would like to volunteer to go on a Caribbean cruise for two weeks and teach iPhoto on a Mac? Show of hands? Naw ... we can leave that to the Microsoft guys.

On to WWDC. I'll be there along with team members from TMO, but since we can't divulge the details of the sessions, all under NDA except the keynote, we'll be keeping you informed about all the other events and chatting with developers. Watch for the WWDC 2008 Special Reports.

I saw an article this week that talked about what to name the second generation iPhone. It's likely all going to be decided on Monday, but it's still fun to think about. I've been calling it the iPhone 3G to emphasize that that it's not a 3rd generation iPhone. (3G iPhone). But I saw a respected publication fall into the trap and actually refer to it as Apple's third generation smartphone.

Jeff Gamet and I were chatting last week, and we decided that Apple will call the new iPhone ... the iPhone. And leave us to figure out how to differentiate the two models. They've done that before.

In addition to the iPhone 3G, I have the feeling that Apple is going to announce something else. A larger iPod touch-like device with a larger screen, OS X, and a bunch of new multitouch gestures to operate it as a true Mobile Internet Device (MID). I'm thinking of a seven inch screen, 700 grams, and $799. Not so big as to replace your MacBook Air but enough to make all of us (and the Apple developers) drool for this true MID for those occasions when we don't want to carry a notebook around. Apple has it within their current technology. The pieces are in place. I feel it coming.

Write me Monday if I'm wrong, and you want to rub it in. But it's coming.

Finally, for all of you who are attending WWDC and plan to attend Stump Wednesday night, don't forget to bring a clean spork!