Password Retriever Update From Koingo

Koingo Software has released an update for Password Retiever, bringing it to version 2.6.8. Password Retriever is a password management app designed for the secure storing of multiplel passwords. The update version has performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Koingo Software:

Iid like to announce, after staying up until 2am, Password Retriever 2.6.8! I suppose what took me so far into the morning was the perfection of the new Mac OS X icon. This new icon restores the gold padlock MacOS 9 versions of Password Retriever had.

However, this isnit the only change. Below I have included a list of other modifications for this version.

Release Notes for Version 2.6.8:

  • Bug Fix: Ability to copy information out of the Edit Service window has been restored
  • Bug Fix: Clear Clipboard on Quit works again
  • Bug Fix: Menus are more stable in Mac OS X
  • Bug Fix: Proper icons for New and Open database
  • New Feature: Added "Local Service Browser"
  • Modification: Restored Gold Lock Icon in Mac OS X
  • Note: If youire upgrading from 2.1.1 or earlier, donit forget to select Update to 2.5 Format from the Utility menu.

You can find more information about the Password Retriever update at the Koingo Software Web site. Password Retriever 2.6.8 is available for US$11.95.