Path Finder 4.7.1 Fixes Multiple Bugs

CocoaTech released Path Finder 4.7.1 on Thursday. The release is a maintenance upgrade, however, it fixes numerous small bugs and is recommended for all users. Notable fixes include fixing the Open Package menu item, and fixing the ability to natively read .rtfd documents.

Other fixes include adding the Screen Capture back to the global application menu and optimizing the speed of moving items to the trash. The complete list of changes is at the Cocoatech Website.

Path Finder is basically a Mac OS X replacement Finder that includes numerous features and functions left out of Appleis default Finder. "Designed from the ground up for maximum speed and Mac OS X integration, Path Finder has a gorgeous, accessible interface that you can customize to your heart?s content," according to Cocoatech.

Features include browsing tabs, Stuffit Engine Integration, multiple ways of finding files (alternative to Spotlight) an immediate preview of each file clicked on (useful for images, Word, RTF and PDF files), a built in terminal, and more extensive, accessible Get Info.

Path Finder 4.7.1 in a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. There is a 21 day free trial. It is priced at US$34.95.