Path Finder 4.8.2 Adds Leopard Features

Path Finder 4.8.2 was released on Saturday by Cocoatech and adds some significant improvements. Included in the free release are QuickLook, the ability to replace Leopardis Finder as the default file viewer and more.

In version 4.8.2, there are several ways to preview a file via QuickLook. The simplest is to simply select a file, hit the space bar, and QuickLook will preview the file full size. Other methods include the QuickLook contextual and Commands menu items and a QuickLook toolbar icon.

Another major feature added is the ability to reroute any "reveal in Finder" operations. With this facility, provided in Leopard, Path Finder can completely replace Leopardis Finder.

Other compatibility fixes with Leopard include:

  • Superuser operations (as root) are working again (this also fixes the inability to quit Path Finder after such an operation failed in previous versions of Path Finder)
  • Fixed a problem where a "Launcher" folder appeared in the Dock while copying/moving/deleting files
  • "Connect to Server" dialog works again
  • Fixed an issue where weird numbers appeared in the tooltips in Column View and Size Browser (which made the latter crash)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect drawing of selection rectangle on the Desktop
  • Select Tool works in Column View again
  • Made List View more resource efficient under certain circumstances

Path Finder 4.8.2 is a free update for registered users. A full license for Path Finder is $34.95. Notable in the license is that it is per user, not per Mac. As such, a licensed individual user can install it on all the Macs they own.