Patient Information App For Palms Released

Bachman Software has released a new PDA app for physicians, MedReporter. MedReporter is a medical app designed to keep patient information on mobile Palm hand held devices. The app ships with compatibility with PatientKeeper Personal for complete patient management. According to Bachman Software:

Bachmann Software today announced the commercial release of MedReporter, a new Palm OS(r) software application that provides physicians with the ability to view and print summarized patient information. Designed to be compatible with PatientKeeperis acclaimed PatientKeeper Personal patient management product, MedReporter allows physicians to aggregate selected information from a patient database and produce it in various report formats.

MedReporter also gives physicians the ability to print their selected data from a handheld computer by simply beaming it to an infrared printer.

The combination of putting selected patient data at the fingertips of a physician, either in an onscreen report or printed format, ensures that healthcare professionals have the most current information to make patient care decisions. The MedReporter application also gives PatientKeeperis growing developer community the ability to print-enable their own mobile applications.

You can find more information about the MedReporter release at the Bachman Software Web site. MedReporter is available for US$89.99.