Penguin2Apple: The Geeks Weigh In

Earlier this week, we told you about a Linux user (Dark Paladin) who had made the switch to Mac OS X, and was quite happy with the move. Responding to the many, many, many comments and questions to his piece, iPeguin2Applei, Dark Paladin offers up Peguin2Apple 2, and submits himself to the scrutiny of the ever-so-geekish SlashDot crowd.

The responses to his his conversion to OS X run the complete gamut, from the completely supportive replies at Gamerspress:

From Ryan Poling:

I enjoyed your article about converting from Linux to MacOS X. I am a computer science student and love the unix merged with a nice GUI just like you do. I think itis really going to start cataching on in programming circles as soon as the word gets out. the in-depth, nerd-world issues as expressed in SlashDot:

So Iim the hardcore unix type and I tried this (a full conversion to OS X). Of course, nobody wants to hear that OS X has some very real problems, but here goes...

Still, the comments are generally positive, and there are an amazing number of closet OS X users who happen to deal with UNIX on a daily basis. Extremely good reading.