Pentax Announces New Cameras

Pentax announced two new 5-megapixel digital cameras Wednesday, the Optio X and Optio S5i.

The Optio X features a unique casing that opens with the twist of the hand, positioning the lens on one side for shooting and the 2-inch LCD screen on the other, and enabling comfortable above-the-head and hip-level shots. At 7/10 inch thick, the Optio Xis case also makes it the thinnest camera in Pentaxis Optio line.

The Optio S5i features a 3x optical zoom lens in an ultra-compact enclosure. The camera features a Sport mode that sets the camera for shutter speed-priority, enabling spur of the moment shooting, while a Pan focusing mode provides optimal focusing from close range to infinity.

Pentax will officially unveil both cameras on September 20 at the PEPCOM Holiday Spectacular in New York City; the cameras will begin shipping later that month. Pricing has yet to be announced.