PerlDevelopment Utility Released From ArcaneWare

ArcaneWare is now shipping ArcanePerl 1.0 for Mac developers. ArcanePerl is a utility designed for Unix Perl development. The app ships with the ability to write, edit, and execute Perl scripts including the insertion of various Perl syntax. According to ArcaneWare:

ArcaneWare, a newly founded software company, releases its first professional development tool for Mac OS X, for easily writing, editing, and running Perl scripts, ArcanePerl.

ArcanePerl is an application to write, edit, and run Unix Perl scripts with ease. Use the insert menu and save typing and headaches. Insert various Perl syntax such as print, file input/output, if blocks, subroutines, split, replace, math, and others. Run your Perl scripts for output and error-checking. For the professional who develops large projects in Perl, open and save all your scripts as an ArcanePerl document.

You can find more information about the ArcanePerl release at the ArcaneWare Web site. ArcanePerl 1.0 is available for US$10.00.