Personal Data Management Update From DEVONtech

DEVONtechnologies has released an update for DEVONthink , bringing it to version 1.2.3. DEVONthink is a personal data management tool designed for organizing data, ranging from pictures to source codes. The update features performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to DEVONtechnologies:

DEVONtechnologies presents version 1.2.3 of itis next generation information manager.

DEVONthink Personal Edition 1.2.3 introduces auto-classification of added contents, allows to use TextLightning ( to add PDF files as RTF contents, is faster (up to 40 percent), more stable and more secure.

Additionally, the registration info file is now visible and can be backed-up more easily. With the time-saving auto-classification feature itis now possible to add new contents using the services sub-menu and have them categorised completely automatically.

You can find more information about the DEVONthink update at the DEVONtechnologies Web site. DEVONthink 1.2.3 is available for US$34.95.