Personal Finance App With Aqua Feel Released

Modeless Software, Inc. is now shipping a new app for Mac users, Liquid Ledger. Liquid Ledger is a personal finance app designed for the management and analysis of a useris finances. The app uses the Cocoa framework and features an interface based on the Aqua look and feel familiar to Mac users. According to Modeless Software:

Modeless Software, Inc. today announced the availability of Liquid Ledger, the first complete personal finance application based on the object-oriented Cocoa framework of Apple Computeris Mac OS X operating system. Rooted in extensive user interface design research, Liquid Ledger is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool that enables consumers to effortlessly manage and analyse their personal finances on Mac OS X.

You can find more information about the Liquid Ledger release at the Modeless Software, Inc. Web site. Liquid Ledger is available for US$40.00.