Petition Launched For External SuperDrives

The good folks over at the PowerBook Source are feeling a bit left out by Appleis inclusion of the SuperDrive in the new G4 towers (but then again who isnit?). To get Appleis attention, they have started a petition to get a slim SuperDrive for use in the older G3 laptops. According to the PowerBook Source:

Over at the PowerBook Source Web site there is a petition to show 3rd party developers the level of interest in the PowerBook community to have a low-profile SuperDrive manufactured so that expansion bay modules for older laptops could be made or so that portable external CD-RW/DVD-R drives could be made. (Pioneer is set to release external versions of its SuperDrive for $995 in April, but they donit appear to be portable - e.g. run off a FireWire port or USB portis power)

Right now about 670 signatures out of 2500 visits have been recorded, and weire trying to make sure that as many PowerBook/iBook owners as possible learn about the petition.

You can help the cause by signing the petition at the PowerBook Source Web site.

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