Photoshop 7 Plug-In Released From Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby is now shipping "Kelbyis Notes for Adobe Photoshop" for Mac users. "Kelbyis Notes for Adobe Photoshop" is a Photoshop 7.0 plug-in designed to answer the top 100 questions commonly asked by novice users. The plug-in launches directly from the menu bar and features a pop-up dialog box. According to Scott Kelby:

Nationally known Photoshop guru and best-selling author Scott Kelby today announced the release of his first software plug-in, “Kelby’s Notes for Adobe® Photoshop®.”

Produced by KW Computer Training and developed by Proteron LLC, the program runs in Photoshop 7.0 and addresses the top 100 questions users ask about Photoshop and photo-editing techniques.

Kelby’s Notes launches directly from Photoshop’s menu bar. Users click on the “How Do I” menu and scroll down to choose from the list of 100 questions. A pop-up dialog box then displays the answer in an easy-to-read format. The program answers such practical questions as “How do I…subtract from a selection?” “How do I…remove wrinkles?” or “How do I…copy an effect to another layer?”

You can find more information about "Kelbyis Notes for Adobe Photoshop" at the Kelbyis Notes Web site. "Kelbyis Notes for Adobe Photoshop" is available for download for US$19.95.