Photoshop CS3: Fly-out Palettes

Photoshop is always a good indicator of what to expect from the interfaces in all of the Creative Suite applications, and Photoshop CS3 is no exception. One of the features Iive come to cherish in Photoshop CS3, and now the other CS3 apps, are dockable fly-out palettes.

Screen real estate can be hard to come by, especially on a PowerBook, MacBook, or MacBook Pro, and Adobeis applications gobble it up quickly with loads of palettes. The Creative Suite 3 applications, however, are a little easer on your workspace since you can dock all of your palettes to the side of your Desktop, and fly-out individual palettes as you need them.

InDesignis docked palettes...

All Palettes now include a docking button in the upper right corner. Clicking it docks your palettes to the edge of your Desktop. Clicking on an individual paletteis icon will fly it out when you need it. Clicking the paletteis icon or docking button again drops it back in place with the rest of your docked palettes. just like Photoshopis.

True, earlier versions of the Creative Suite applications included a form of dockable palettes, but CS3 refines the concept and turns it into a truly slick feature that works across all the products.

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