Photoshop Developer Q&A On Mac Help Radio Tonight

Mac Help Radio will be hosting a Q&A session this evening on the topic of Adobeis latest release, Photoshop 7. Fielding the questions will be Adobeis Senior Product Manager, Karen Gauthier. She will be discussing all the new features of Photoshop 7 and how it was developed for OS X. According to Mac Help Radio:

Adobeis Karen Gauthier talks about Photoshop 7 for X.

Photoshop 7 for Mac OS X is arguably the largest turning point for Mac OS X with many waiting to make the transition until Photoshop has been carbonized, or made native for X. Photoshop 7 includes many new features, in addition to being X native, like the amazing healing brush and the new painting brush tools.

Today, Karen Gauthier, Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop, will be describing all of the cool new features of Photoshop, and answering questions

When : TODAY - Tues., Mar. 5, 2002 @ 7-9pm Central, 8-10 Eastern, 01:00 GMT

You can find more information about the Photoshop 7 Q&A chat session at the Mac TV Network Web site.