Physical Security Measures Paired With Macs

Script Software has released a security app code named ELI. The Electronic Log-In and Tracking Software is designed for physical building security by the tracking of visitors with print out badges. The deployment area is aimed at secure building entrances. According to Script Software:

Script Software releases ELI - Electronic Log-In and Tracking Software for the Mac. Essential security software for any building, school or organization.


Building security is not just important but critical in this day and age. Times have changed because of espionage, terrorism and violence in all countries and all levels of society. Now it is essential to be more vigilant about casual visitors to any large organization or building.

ELI is a single or multiuser software for the Mac designed to enhance the security of your business, school, building and/or organization

You can find more information about ELI at the Script Software Web site. ELI is available for US$2,000 for a single station.