Picture Patrol Officer Updated With Improved Image Support

Brainchild has released an update for Picture Patrol Officer, bringing it to version 1.1. Picture Patrol Officer is a utility designed for automated Usenet downloading. The update features improved image handling and other internal enhancements. According to Brainchild:

Brainchild, creators of personal and business software since 1988, releases Picture Patrol Officer 1.1, a major update to their Usenet picture downloader.

Thousands of pictures can be downloaded for free from the Usenet, a worldwide network of servers where you can get almost anything you like. Normally it takes time to find and save the treasures from this iforgotten half of the Interneti, but using Picture Patrol Officer, your MacOS or Windows computer performs this task automatically without requiring much of your input. It gets those adult, animal, aviation, or any images while saving you a lot of precious time.

Version 1.0 already tried hard to fill your harddisk with free pictures, but
version 1.1 adds:

  • decoding of single part yEnc encoded attachments
  • better handling of illegal characters in names of downloaded pictures
  • a fix for a major bug that caused many pictures to appear incomplete
  • better handling of JPEG images in MIME messages
  • a window to browse all the newsgroups your provider has on offer
  • built-in version checking, to find out about future updates
  • enhancements to the status bar in every window
  • better visual feedback when you use the buttons in the toolbar and windows

You can find more information about the Picturer Patrol Officer update at the Brainchild Web site. Updates are free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$12.99.