Picture Play Updated Interface Mods

Crescendo Software has released an update for Picture Play, bringing it to version 1.7.1. Picture Play is an image composting app designed for building digital collages. The update features several enhancements including interface modifications and bug fixes. According to Crescendo Software:

Crescendo Software is pleased to announce the release of Picture Play 1.7.1, a minor but important update to the premier shareware image composition tool for OS X.

Picture Play lets you combine digital photos, scanned images, or any other graphics to create rich and diverse compositions with editable text content, backgrounds, and stylish effects including translucency, transparency, rotation and more.

New In This Version :

  • Document windows now feature iproxyi icons in the title bar which can be dragged and dropped, and also feature a list showing the path to the document by command clicking
  • New presets pop-up menu in the new document window allows the accurate creation of standard document sizes
  • Windows now respect the dock in Mac OS X
  • The style buttons in the text window now reflect their purpose graphically
  • Minor cosmetic changes to slider lines in the Tint object tool window
  • Internal changes to allow new object types (ie. above and beyond images and text) in future releases
  • Windows can now be resized larger than the work area, showing gray space around it. As a result, windows no longer shrink when zooming the work area smaller

Bug Fixes:

  • Documents are now tracked correctly when moved in the Finder while open
  • The plus/minus buttons on document windows now correctly update zoom pop-up button
  • Unnecessary drawing code removed allowing slight speed ups object selection and deletion
  • Image objects with effects now correctly update after undo/redo
  • Pasting text objects now updates the work area correctly
  • Previous new document settings are now remembered more precisely with correct units
  • Correction to dates in release notes document

You can find more information about the Picture Play update at the Crescendo Software Web site. Picture Play 1.7.1 is available for US$14.95.