PieGates: A Game Involving Money, Pies, & Bill Gates

The first thing we will say about todayis Cool Waste Of Time (CWOT) is that we do not endorse the idea of assaulting anyone with a pie (or anything else) just because you donit like them or disagree with their politics or business practices. The second thing weill say about this CWOT is that itis pretty funny.

Todayis CWOT is an online Flash game called PieGates. Unlike some other games we have seen that derive their entertainment at the expense of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, in this game you are actually playing him and trying to avoid a myriad of pies that are seeking you out. In addition to avoiding those pies, you must also gobble up as much money as you can, take over the courthouse, and then make your way to the symbolic World TV where you launch your campaign to take over the world. If a pie hits you, you start back at the beginning, and you have two minutes and an unlimited number of "lives" with which to try.

One of the things that makes the game funny is the things the Mr. Gates head says when accomplishing his tasks. Check it out, itis pretty funny.

PieGates In Action

You can play PieGates TheSpud.com.