Pinball On Your Palm

iambic, Inc. has announced an update to Bump Attack Pinball, a pinball game for your Palm OS device. The new version, 2.0, is targeted towards Sonyis higher resolution Palm OS based CLIÉ PEG-NR70 and NR70V models. The gameis Mars and Deep Sea tables have been updated to support the higher resolution, and the company has added a new table as well. From iambic:

iambic, Inc., a leading provider of software products for Palm OS devices, today announced it has released a new version of its most popular and entertaining software, Bump Attack Pinball. The fast-moving, smooth-scrolling game now supports the most advanced high-resolution-plus Palm OS handheld devices available on the market, including the latest Sony CLIÉ PEG-NR70 and NR70V series. In addition to the Mars and Deep Sea tables, Bump Attack Pinball now offers an additional high-resolution-plus table to make the game ever more challenging and adventurous.

Bump Attack Pinball now includes high-resolution-plus support and an additional table, making the game more realistic and enjoyable for both children and adults in every part of the world. The new Oakwood table, which acquired its name from its amazingly realistic wooden background, offers a number of animated figures, including a rotational screen and mask, and plenty of challenges. The fast-action gameis three tables include a total of 17 engaging missions for players to complete, while the Internet scoring board gives players the opportunity to compete with anyone anywhere.

You can find more information on the game at iambicis Web site. Bump Attack Pinball is priced at US$19.95. Registered users of the game (1.0 and up) can upgrade for free.