Pioneer Announces iPod Adapter for Pioneer Car Stereos

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Pioneer Electronics introduced Wednesday an iPod car stereo adapter. The Pioneer CD-IB 100 works exclusively with Pioneer car stereos that are IP-Bus compatible, which includes all of the car stereos the company is introducing at this weekis Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Stereos connected to an iPod will display up to eight characters of text including album, artist and song names, with the ability to scroll additional information. In addition, the unit will charge an iPod while it is connected. The company also said that some newer stereos the offer enhanced features including multi-line display and list search, taking advantage of the additional display real estate.

"Portable digital music players like the iPod are no longer a passing trend, but are part of the digital lifestyle. Consumers love their iPod music and they want to take it with them everywhere, including the car," said Michael Townsen, director of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics in a statement. "More than 10 million iPods have been sold since October 2001. Consumers of iPods are also Pioneer mobile product customers seeking a safe way to access that music in the car. Now they can with one quick connection to the CD-IB100."

AudioVox also announced an iPod connector at CES today, but that companyis iPod Mobile Interface Kit will connect to any brand of stereo that includes a CD changer port.

Pioneeris CD-IB 100is priced at US$140, and will ship in March of 2005.