Piper Jaffray Reports on iPhone, Mac Sales

While iPhone sales jumped 200% right after the price reduction, theyive stabilized and are now up 56% from Jul/Aug sales according to a report published by Piper Jaffray on Thursday. However, Mac sales are down over the same period.

Gene Munster, the noted Piper Jaffray Apple analyst, and his team visited Apple flagship stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco to count iPhone, iPod and Mac sales. They compared those results to what they found in July and August.

The results, posted by CNNMoney, were summarized in this table:

Mr. Munster noted that while Macintosh sales were up sharply in July and August as a result of the new iMac intoduction and back-to-school specials, the rate of sales has tapered off in September. His report also provided a breakdown of iPods sales distribution: 39% percent nano, 36 percent touch, 16 percent shuffle and 9 percent classic.

Mr. Munster has also estimated that Apple will report 1.28 million iPhones sold for the quarter.