Pixadex Now Shipping From Panic & The Iconfactory

Panic and The Iconfactory have released a new app for Mac users, Pixadex. Pixadex is a utility designed for the management and organization of icon images. The app stores all icons in a unified cache and also featues cut and paste directly into Photoshop. According to Panic and The Iconfactory:

Panic & The Iconfactory, creators of the popular icon-changing software CandyBar, have teamed up once again for another icon-related software masterpiece: Pixadex!

This "iPhoto for icons" -- and much, much more -- lets users quickly import, organize and search huge numbers of icons easily. It also allows users to instantly export their icons in a variety of graphic formats -- even copy and paste them directly into Photoshop.

And since Pixadex stores all of the useris icons in a unified cache, the age of having a hard drive littered with hundreds of folders -- with hundreds of iconic sub-folders -- is officially over.

You can find more information about thePixadex release at The Iconfactory Web site. Pixadex is available for US$18.95.