Plug-In Allows User To Add Sound To FileMaker Databases

24U has released a new FileMaker Pro plug-in, 24U PlaySound Plug-In, that allows users to add sounds to their FileMaker Pro databases. The plug-in, compatible with both the Windows and Mac versions of FileMaker Pro, allows users to add an extended level of feedback and interactivity to their databases. According to 24U:

24U PlaySound Plug-In 1.0 is the first plug-in for FileMaker Pro applications, enabling databases to play sounds on the both Windows and Macintosh systems. Supported formats are files WAV (on the both platforms) and the system sounds of the Macintosh system (Macintosh only).

With 24U PlaySound Plug-In 1.0 plug-in, the solutions based on FileMaker Pro donit have to be silent all the time. Do you use FileMaker Pro to create interactive presentations? Would you like to add some interesting or funny noises to your scripts? Now you are able to do it! Moreover, it will work both on Macs and on PCs.

This product is unique because the only one binary runs both on the Mac and PC systems. In such a way, users donit have to concern themselves about which operating system they use as the product they have downloaded runs on the both platforms.

And whatis more, the low price of the bundling licence enables the user of 24U PlaySound Plug-In 1.0 to add to his solutions. You can get the bundling licence for your freeware products from us absolutely for free.

Mac/Windows FAT Binary. You donit need two versions because one binary works on both Mac and Windows!

24U PlaySound Plug-In 1.0 is available for US$10. You can find more information at the 24U Web site.