Pop That Umlat With PopChar X

How often are you typing away when you find that you really need to use a word that has an umlat or one of those funny ticks above the letter? If that sounds like you and you use OS X then your ship has just come in. Ergonis Software has released an OS X version of its cool PopChar software, PopChar X. This from Ergonis Software:

Ergonis software today announced the immediate availability of PopChar X 1.0, the Mac OS X sibling of the highly acclaimed PopChar Pro. It is as easy to use as its predecessor: just click in the small "P box" in the corner of the screen to find and insert characters without remembering the keyboard combinations. Web designers will especially enjoy the feature to insert HTML symbols.

Besides PopChar X 1.0, a new version of PopChar Pro has been released today, too. PopChar Pro 1.5 requires a new license key, but the same license key can be used for PopChar Pro 1.5 and PopChar X .0. The upgrade is free for customers who purchased PopChar Pro in 2002. All customers who purchased PopChar Pro before 2002 can upgrade to PopChar Pro 1.5 including PopChar X for a modest upgrade fee.

You can find more information on PopChar X at Ergonis Softwareis site. The full version of PopChar X/PopChar Pro is priced at US$29 for online orders, and US$39 for fax or mail orders.