Popular Rescue Game Updated

Cosmologik has updated their popular space rescue game, A60 Rescue Mission. The new version of the game includes a more complete preview to allow users to get a more accurate indication of the playability and difficulty of the game. According to Cosmologik:

Since itis introduction on june 19th, Cosmologikis newest title A60 Rescue Mission has climbed on top of the most downloaded games from macgamefiles.com, even reaching the coveted "Whatis hot" section on that site when more than 2400 gamers tried the demo. For this early support, Cosmologik has built an even more aggressive preview release to satisfy the most demanding of players.

"We wanted to give back something to those users who tried our game and made it the success it currently enjoys", said Mr. Patrice Audet, co-president of the canadian company. Adding that some users could find the previous version too easy for their tastes. "We couldnit agree more with that, since the levels that were included in the early releases were the most easy of all". The new version released today includes some of the levels that normally appears much later in the game. Players will meet much more ennemies and find faster action than previously available.

In addition to this new version, Cosmologik today, released more screen shots from the game. "The new screen shots are a small bonus for those of you who wrote a review at macgamefiles", said David Chabot, Cosmologikis other co-president. Over all, the ratings on the game have been about 90 percent in favor of the game. "Weire extremely satisfied with the reviews weire getting and we want to thank all of those who took the time to write one" added Mr. Chabot.

A60 Rescue Mission is available for US$25. You can find more information, including screen shots, at the Cosmologik Web site.