PostArmor Updated With Improved Blacklists

PostArmor has released an update for the self-titled app, bringing it to version 1.1.2. PostArmor is a spam filtering app designed for preventing unsolicited emails from entering a users account. The lates version features performance enhancements including a new name and OSIRUSOFT blacklist support. According to the MailArmor:

Weire proud to announce that PostArmor (formerly known as MailArmor), has just released a new and better version: again, as it was the case of most of the previous releases, usersi feedback has been fundamental to polish and expand the features of the software.

We thought youid have been interested in the evolution of the software. Here is a (partial) list of new features, compared to previous version 1.1.2:

  • Changed package & application name(!) The new name is PostArmor
  • Reading messages has been modified to be buffered, so that download speed is increased
  • Mail evaluation has been moved to several small threads, so that the software does many checks at the same time
  • Blacklist results (both positive and negative) are maintained in a local cache for a week, to minimize network traffic on frequent checks
  • OSIRUSOFT blacklists have been added
  • Most icons are radically different (and hopefully with a little more style) & all fonts have been reviewed
  • All windows have been reviewed for size
  • Report email has now a trigger value, so that it can be sent after a given quantity of messages are on hold
  • More data on messages are saved: itis now always possible to see the evaluation results

You can find more information about the PostArmor release at the MailArmor Web site. PostArmor 1.1.2 is free for personal use, while a single server license is available for US$15.00.