PotC Online Celebrates First Year With a Halloween Event

To celebrate its first anniversary, Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC) Online plans to host a unique Halloween event during which permanent night, with a full moon, will grip the world. Any character who canit find shelter will be cursed and become an undead skeleton. All cursed pirates will be forced to attack towns and each other in the name of Jolly Roger, the gameis main villain.

Disney Online said that the past year in PotC Online has seen more than 120 million ships sunk, nearly 20 million hands of blackjack played, and over 33 million ship repairs completed. In addition, since the gameis launch, the developer has added player versus player ship combat, new customization options (tattoos, jewelry, and more), shops, a lookout system for matching players of similar notoriety levels, emotes (laughing, clapping, and more), a "looking for crew" feature, new weapons, and powerful ghost shops that attack players on sight.

Players under the influence of Jolly Rogeris curse

Disney Online has also launched a contest asking players to submit personal videos through the gameis web site. The grand prize includes a meeting with the PotC Online team, lunch at Walt Disney Studios, three days at Disneyland, and two nights at the Disneyland Hotel, with one of those spent in the Pirates of the Caribbean suite. Other winners will score a $100 shopping spree, a MacBook, or an iPod nano.