PowerLogix Updates G3/G4 Cache Profiler

PowerLogix has released a new version of their upgrade card monitoring utility, G3/G4 Cache Profiler. Version 1.4b1, adding OS 9.1 compatibility, allows users to control a number of settings for G3/G4 upgrade cards, thus being able to have some control over things such as CPU temperature. According to PowerLogix:

PowerLogix today announced the release of the public beta of their G3/G4 Cache Profiler, with OS 9.1 compatibility.

G3/G4 Cache Profiler is the all-in-one reporting and configuring software solution for any G3 or G4 upgrade card or PowerMac G3 or G4 computer. The utility allows the user to enable their backside cache, turn off speculative addressing to avoid technical issues and reports the speed and temperature of the processor and cache.

The process for installation is as follows:

  1. Remove any previous version of the profiler software from your system folder (very important!)
  2. Copy in the new init.
  3. Make sure "Enable cache on restart" is checked then reboot.

The G3/G4 Cache Profiler is available for free for upgrade card users. You can find more information at the PowerLogix Web site.