PowerManager Allows Users To Automate Computer Behavior

Dragon Systems Software has updated their system automation utility, Power Manager, to version 2.1. Power Manager allows users to easily automate startup, shutdown, sleep, and wake schedules for their Mac. According to Dragon Systems:

DssW announces Power Manager 2.1 for the Macintosh. Designed for AppleScripters, network administrators and professional Macintosh users, Power Manager can both automate your workflow and reduce running costs.

Power Manager is a unique suite of Macintosh automation and power management tools.

Using Power Manageris scheduling capabilities you can easily control when your Macintosh automatically starts up, shuts down, wakes up and sleeps. Our latest version of Power Manager features three Schedulers to cater to every situation.

Power Manageris Launcher can automatically run your AppleScripts, launch your applications and open your documents at any time or on a specific trigger. Triggers include: start up, shut down, specific date and time, daily, weekly, monthly, wake up, system sleep, user log in and user log out. Triggers can be further refined with optional conditions and modifiers. Conditions include: specific time periods, days, months, user name, frequency and idle time.

Power Manager incorporates and extends the capabilities of the Energy Saver system addition. Extended features include using Power Manager to ensure that your Macintosh does not sleep while particular applications are in use, such as CD or MP3 players.

Power Manager fully supports AppleScript. 30 sample AppleScripts demonstrate the extensive dictionary provided. Our new version introduces new AppleScripting features for the professional user. Scripts can now be attached directly to the Launcheris actions. Using attached scripts you can add your own conditions and respond directly to events such as triggers.

Power Manager supports multiple and remote configurations to make its administration a breeze. Detailed logging and password protected user modes ensure your settings remain constant even in multiple user environments. Control Strip, Location Manager and Keychain integration and support make sure Power Manager blends seamlessly into your Macintosh.

Power Manager is available for US$50. You can find more information at the Dragon Systems Software Web site.