PowerMate Beta Release Features Multiple Controller Support

Griffin Technology has released a new beta version of PowerMate, bringing it to version 2.02b2. PowerMate is the device driver designed for the PowerMate programmable USB controller. The latest beta release features support for multiple PowerMate devices. According to Griffin Technology

Direct from Macworld Expo Paris, Griffin Technology Inc, today announced the availability of PowerMate Software Version 2.02 BETA for OS X. This software allows the use of up to six PowerMate USB Multimedia Controllers at once.

The PowerMate USB Multimedia Controller is an entirely new kind of input device. Resembling a giant volume knob from an expensive hi-fi stereo, PowerMate is made of solid die cast aluminum.

With PowerMate Software Version 2.02b for OS X, multiple PowerMates can now be combined together to form completely new and customized control setups.

This feature is the result of many requests from customers using their PowerMate for music applications, games and 3D/CAD design. For example, designers working in 3-D can set up separate PowerMates to control the X, Z and Y-axis of their model. They then can precisely control and tweak all dimensions at once simply by adjusting their three PowerMates.

You can find more information about the PowerMate update at the Griffin Technology Web site. PowerMate 2.02b2 is available as freeware, while the PowerMate device is available for US$39.00.