PowerMate Update From Griffin Tech

Griffin Technology has released an update for PowerMate OS X and 9, bringing them to version 1.0 b10. PowerMate is a programmable media controller designed for volume setting. The updates include improved ApppleScripting support and bug fixes. According to Griffin Technology

Mac peripheral maker Griffin Technology posted updates for the PowerMate USB programmable audio and media controller. The new versions add numerous bug fixes and additional features.

The OS X version of the driver now includes AppleScripting capabilities so that any function of the glowing base can be controlled via a script or other application. Sample scripts for brightness control, pulsing, and pulse rate are included. The OS X version also includes a fix for a rare problem where the PowerMate Control would not show up in the System Preferences.

The OS 9 version of the PowerMate driver has improved support for game play. It also has a number of small bug fixes including a problem that could sometimes occur where button clicks were not sent. The control panel has been cleaned up and more closely tracks with the OS X version as well.

You can find more information about the PowerMate updates at the Griffin Technology Web site. PowerMate 1.0 b10 is available for US$45.00.