Power On Software Updates Now Up-To-Date For Mac OS X

The good folks at Power On Software have released an update to Now Up-to-Date, the venerable contact manager and organizer solution. The new version, 4.1.1, includes improved Mac OS X performance and other improvements. According to the update notes, version 4.1.1 is a Mac OS X only release. From Power On Software:

Power On Software, Inc. has announced today the immediate availability of a new version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact, the best-selling contact manager and scheduling software in the history of the Macintosh. Version 4.1.1, available now for download from the Power On web site, is an update to version 4.1, the native Mac OS X version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact. The latest release offers several improvements to printing under Mac OS X as well as a number of enhancements to server performance.

Other changes in version 4.1.1:

  • Installer now resets the demo period so that users who tried previous versions of NUDC can still try NUDC 4.1.1 for a full 30-day trial
  • Fixed a number of printing problems introduced by changes in print dialogs under Mac OS 10.1.2.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented NUD from doing a periodic full save on quit to optimize the calendar file
  • Fixed a problem with the Public Event Server that caused the server to quit when it intercepted an unknown Apple Event.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the Public Contact Server and Public Event Server to unexpectedly quit when exporting to html
  • Fixed an unexpected quit that occurred when dragging an appointment from the calendar to the To-Do List
  • Fixed a problem that prevented you from disabling only QuickContact (and not QuickDay) in the menubar
  • Fixed problems with the "delete / reassign" dialog that would appear when a contact was deleted from a public category

You can find more information on Now Up-to-Date & Contact at Power Onis Web site. The update is free to registered owners of version 4.x the software, while the full version is priced at US$119.95 (electronic download), or US$129.95 (retail version). Upgrades are priced at US$49.95 for earlier versions.