Power On Updates GoMac To Version 2.1

The folks at Power On Software have updated one of our favorite Classic Mac apps, GoMac. GoMac emulates the Windows task bar in Classic Mac OS, but it does it in a very Mac fashion. The new version adds a number of new, though minor features, and some performance enhancements. According to Power On Software:

Power On Software announced today that it had begun shipment of version 2.1 of ACTION GoMac, the Macintosh Task Bar™ utility whose functionality is sure to be familiar to all Windows users. GoMac offers unparalleled ease of use and cutting-edge aesthetic design for Macintosh users who want instant access to all of their programs while maintaining precious screen real estate. ACTION GoMac is the Macis Command Center. The new version has been updated to take advantage of Mac OS 9.1, and adds the following features and enhancements:

  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2001
  • Added the ability to show an original file directly from any QuickLaunch item in the Task Bar
  • Enhanced the ability to find Applications and Documents folders under Mac OS 9.x
  • Added the ability to show an original file directly from any active application
  • Added an option to automatically add active applications to the Start Menu
  • Added compatibility with Apple DVD Player and iMovie™
  • Added the ability to pre-cache icons when GoMac is hidden at boot time, leading to substantial speed improvements
  • Added checking to ensure that GoMac will not load under Mac OS X Classic environment

GoMac offers an array of other powerful features, including:

  • A StartSmart™ button takes you instantly to any file or folder on your drives. Users can customize the Start button to avoid any semblance of Windows® decor
  • Drag in Dock technology allows the user to drag files, folders, or applications to the task bar for one click access. Users can have all their favorite files visible on the desktop without cluttering it up
  • Internet Bookmarking support lets users add their favorite bookmarks onto the start button for fast internet access
  • Drag and Drop File Opening
  • Popup Perpetual Calendar that is always handy and a real time saver
  • Ability to anchor the task bar at the bottom of the screen or have it automatically hide out of the way and appear automatically only when needed
  • Open files by dragging and dropping them on the applications in the task bar
  • Switch between all running applications by clicking on a handy visible tiled display on the task bar
  • View all windows available in each running application before switching to that application to save time
  • Quick Info on each application alerts users as to memory requirements
  • Add Control Strip modules right to the task bar
  • File search implementing Sherlock
  • Layer management with the ability to minimize programs, close them, or hide them in the background
  • Full drag and drop support for the Task Bar and Start Menu
  • Mouseless application switching via an iconic popup window
  • Ability to "minimize" background applications to a small icon
  • Option to turn off the Start menu and use only the task bar

GoMac asks you where you want to go and then gets out of your way to let you do it.

GoMac has minimal system requirements and is compatible with 68030, 68040, and PowerPC processors running Mac System 7.6 through 9.1. Development of a Mac OS X version, is currently in the planning stage, following Power Onis recent debut of its first Mac OS X product, Now Up-to-Date & Contact, at Macworld Expo last month.

You can find more information on GoMac at Power Onis Web site. The update is free for registered owners of GoMac version 2.x. The gull version is priced at US$29.95 as an electronic download, and is available in retail outlets for US$39.95.