Preview: Notes and Comments

Appleis Preview is a kind of Swiss army knife application in that it can open and display a wide range of file formats, convert images to different formats, and even perform some basic manipulations on PDF documents. One of the many unsung features of Preview is that you can use it to add notes. Hereis how:

  • Open a PDF document in Preview.
  • Click the Text Annotation tool. Itis the button that has a pencil icon -- you can find it in the tool bar at the top of your document window.

  • Use the Text Annotation tool to add notes to PDFs.
  • Click and drag where you want to add a new note to your document.
  • Double-click inside the note to add your text.
  • Be sure to save your document so you donit lose you new notes.

You can also highlight parts of a PDF document with red circles. To switch to the Oval Annotation tool, click and hold on the pencil icon on the Text Annotation button, and then select the Oval Annotation tool.

Preview supports text notes and red highlights.

I use the Text Annotation and Oval Annotation tools when I want to quickly add comments to a PDF document, but donit need the full horse power of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Since Preview is included with Mac OS X, you donit need to worry about downloading extra applications just to add notes to your documents -- a big plus when you are away from an Internet connection.

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