Preview Version Of wKiosk Shipping From AppMac

AppMac has released a public preview version of wKiosk 1.0. wKiosk is an internet browser app designed for public kiosks. The preview version ships with OS X support and uses the gecko Netscape engine. According to AppMac:

AppMac software announce wKiosk 1.0 PREVIEW VERSION The secure internet browser for Mac OS X (wkiosk is the new name for eKiosk for Mac OS X).

wKiosk is a new web browser for Mac OS X targeted for internet kiosk in public spaces. Works with powerful Netscape HTML gecko engine. Web browsing is made in full screen mode and there is no access to Mac OS Finder.

Whatis new ?

  • Mac OS X version (native - cocoa development)
  • Use powerful gecko Netscape HTML engine
  • Compatible with Flash and QuickTime Plug-In
  • URL control function

You can find more information about the wKiosk release at the AppMac Web site. The full version of wKiosk will be available in November.