Princeton Satellite Releases MultiVehicleSim 1.5

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. has released an app for Mac users, MultiVehicleSim 1.5. MultiVehicleSim is a simulation app designed for potential vehicle analysis in the aerospace industry. The app features vehicle simulation from the Earthis surface to the depths of space. According to Princeton Satellite Systems:

Princeton Satellite Systems Inc. announced today that MultiVehicleSim v1.5 is now available.

MultiVehicleSim simulates multiple aerospace vehicles anywhere from the surface of the earth to deep space. It includes high fidelity dynamics models, OpenGL graphics, a TCP/IP interface and a object-oriented architecture that allows easy expansion by the customer.

Potential applications include aerospace vehicle flight control system design, trade studies, air-to-air combat, satellite formation flying, air traffic control and separation analysis.

MultiVehicleSim comes with several detailed examples including an F-16 fighter, CH-53 helicopter, solar sail and a maneuvering spacecraft with reaction wheels and monopropellant hydrazine thrusters. In addition, a CAD package is provided for building new aircraft and spacecraft from imported DXF and OBJ graphics files.

You can find more information about the MultiVehicleSim release at the Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. Web site. MultiVehicleSim 1.5 is available for US$29,995.00.